"Lilo" Capa Tosta Lupetta and Carola Lindh ended up as nr 8 at the Wordchampionship in in Heelwork To Music in Moscow! The Swedish Team inluding Lilotook silver!!

TOPPWINNING SHOW AMSTAFF #1 2010 2012 2013 2014 2015

Capa Tosta Lupetta

"Lilo" is also first terrier in swedish history to participaite in the final of championship in rally-obdience 2012!
Owner & handler: Carola Lindh, Sweden



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Almost 40 working- and show titels, BISS winner -11, -12, - 13 Eurowinner -11 and -14, BISS Breeder, BISS Prodgedy, International champions, Top working amstaff -13, -14 , Top showamstaff-10 -12-13-14-15, Top Breeder


20/6 NoseWork Swedish NoseWork Club
CT Queen of The Night 25/25 point 0 faults Plac 8/50

5/6 Swedish Championship Selection GameTracking -Swedish Basset Hound club

CT Big Bang 8/24 1:a prize
CT Queen of The Night 11/24 1:a prize
CT Firecracker 10/24 :e 1:a prize

23/5 Åland, Finland National
CT Queen Of The Night Bästa Tik 2 Reserv cac

22/5 Österbybruk International 38 entries
CT Firecracker Best Male 3 Cacib

7/5 Game Tracking,
Swedish Game Tracking
CT Big Bang 3:de plac 1:a pris HP
CT Queen of The Night 9:e plac 1:a pris
CT Firecracker 11:e plac 1:a pris

24/4 Rocklunda, Västerås
CT Orange Blossom CK BOS Veteran

10/4 Nosework
CT Queen of The Night aproved Euqalyptus

19/3 Heel work to Music
Klass 3 CT Lupetta cac andHTM Champion!

5/3 Heelwork to Music
Klass 3 CT Lupetta Cac

20/2 Heelwork to music
Klass 3 CT Lupetta Cac

17/2 Top of The Year Beginner VBK
CT Queen of The Night

14/2 Heelwork to music
Klass 3 CT Lupett r-cac

13/12 Nordisk Winner 2015
CT Lupetta BOS Nordic Winner
CT Firecracker Best Champion male
CT Not The Yellow Type Best Veteranmale 2
CT Orange Blossom Best Veterantifemale 2

Rally Obdience Master class
CT Lupetta 92p

6/12 Eskilstuna Rally Obdience Beginner
CT Queen of the Night 92p

6/12 Finish Winner, Helsingors
CT Lupetta Finnish Winner ! BOS

30/11 Game Tracking Tierp
CT Not the yellow Type -permitted
CT Big Bang 1:a pris open
CT Lupetta 1:a pris open
CT Queen of The Night 2:a prize

29/11 Obdience class 2, Kungsör
CT Lupetta 1:a prize

16/11 Rallyobdience, Arninge
CT Not The Yellow Type 95p Plac 2
CT Queen of The Night 73p -third leg RLDN

14/11 Heelwork to music klass2
CT Lupetta 24,55p and first place!4/11 Viltspårprov, Tierp
CT Queen of The Night 1:a pris
CT Firecracker 1:a pris
CT Big Bang 1:a pris

10/10 Internationell Show, Sundsvall
CT Lupetta BOB BOG 3!!
CT Queen of The Night Excellent
CT Orange Blossom CK Cac Bästa tik 3 BOB Veteran----Swedish Champion!
CT Firecracker CK Best male 3
Best Breeder

10/10 Terrier Show, Sundsvall
CT Lupetta BOB
CT Queen of The Night CK
CT Orange Blossom CK BOS Veteran
CT Firecracker CK Best Male3
Best Breeder 2

19/9 Rallylydnad Apollo
CT Lupetta Maserklass 81p


1/9 3 Game Tracking Champions in one day!!
CT Lupetta
CT Firecracker
CT Big Bang

7/11 Sollentuna Terriershow (45 entries)
BIS 3 Breeder
CT Firecracker BOS Cac
CT Lupetta CQ BF3
CT Big Bang Reserv cac
CT Pretty In Pink Excellent

16/9 Game trackingBassethundsklubben
CT Lupetta 1:a prize with prize of honor

7/9 RallyObdience Norsborg
CT Lupetta Masterclass 93p

9/8 & 1/9 & 7/9 Obdience
CT Tosta Pretty In Pink class 1 170.5 & 169.5 & 170 poäng ----> LP1

17/8 & 29/9 Rallyobdience
CT Pretty In Pink 98 & 99p--->RLDN

29/8 Internationell Geneve,
CT Lupetta Best female 2, cac x 2 reserv cacib

18/8 International Norrköping
CT Lupetta BOB Cacib

13/8 Rally obdience Falun Bk
CT Pretty In Pink 83 poäng of 100

8/8 Bloodtrack, Swedish Dreverklubben
CT Silver Dollar 1:a prize openclass
CT Lupetta Approved beginnerclass

22/7 Swedish Amstaffspeciality
Capa Tosta Kennel Breeder Prize of Honor
CT Lupetta Best female 2, Best Champion, Best swedish breed female (70 females)
CT Pretty In Pink Championclass 4 Excellent (11 entries) nominated to best movement
CT Orange Blossom Openclass Excellent(26 entries). Nominated to best movement
Red Hot Chilli Peppers from Pandoras Box Openclass 4 Excellent (26 entries)Nominatied to best head and best movement
CT Firecracker Open class, Very Good

22/7 Club championship in Rally Obdience (22 entries)
1. CT Not The Yellow Type
2. CT Pretty In Pink

11/7 International Tvååker
CT Lupetta BOB Cacib

4/7 & 6/7 & 7/7 Obdience class 1
CT Pretty In Pink 3 st 2:a prizes

4/6 Obdience class 2
CT Lupetta 2:a prize

3/6 Obdience class 2
CT Lupetta 2:a prize

2/6 Terrierspecial Estonia Tallin Nationell Judge Kevin Brown, Denmark
CT Pretty In Pink BOB Cac
CT Firecracker BOS Cac
Best Brace Pretty In Pink/Firecracker

1/6 Agility Södertälje Bk Kringlands cup Agility
CT Lupetta Agility class 0 faults placement 3

1/6 Estonian Winner -13, Tallin Internationell Judge Brigitte Kremser, Slovenia
CT Pretty In Pink Estonian Winner, BOS; Cac, cacib and Estnonian champion!
CT Firecracker BH 2, cert, reservcacib
Best Brace Pretty In Pink/Firecracker

31/5 Rally O bdience Flens Bk
CT Big Bang Beginners 90p and the titel RLDN

30/5 Rally O Bdience Flens BK
CT Big Bang Beginners 78p

9/5 Märsta-Sigtuna BK Agility Large
CT Lupetta qualifying leg!! Placment 7 of 60 entries

29/4 Södertälje Bk Agility Large
CT Lupetta -no faults

29/4 Uppsala Bk Rally obdience
CT Not The Yellow Type Type Beginner class 90p qualificated

28/4 Fagersta Bk Obdience
CT Lupetta Obdience II 2:a prize & 1:a prize and place on the winner's stand!
CT Crack of Dawn Obdience I 1:a pris and place on the winner's stand!

20/4 Rallyobdience Kristinehamns BHK
Masterclass CT Lupetta 85p.

7/4 Rallyobdience Fagersta BK
Masterclass CTLupetta 78 p.

13/4 Tallin Winner Estonia
CT Lupetta best female3 cac

30/4 Internationell Eastershow
Hot Red Chilli Peppers from Pandoras Box -Reserv cac Reserv Cacib

10/3 Rally Obdience Apollogruppen
CT Big Bang Beginnerclass 76 p and qualified!

9/3 Internationell Strängnäs
CT Big Bang Exc CQ 2 Openclass

2/3 Eastswedish Terrier National
CT Lupetta BOS
CT Big Bang Exc 2 Openclass

24/2 Östsvenska Terrier Championship
CT Lupetta to the final

9-10/2 Lettland Nationell
CT Lupetta BOS and Lithuanian champion!

My Dog 2013 Internationell
Day 1
CT Lupetta Best female2
Day 2 CT Lupetta BOB

16/13 Swedish Winner 2012
(89 entries )
BOB Capa Tosta Lupetta Svensk Vinnare 2012!
CT Big Bang Exc 3 Openclass
CT Firecracker Exc 2 Openklass
CT Not The Yellow Type Vg


9/9 Gimo Nationell
CT Firecracker Best male -2 R-cac
Red Hot Chilli Peppers EXC 1 CQ

8-9/9 Nationell Estland
CT Lupetta x 2 BOB! And Estonian champion

2/9 Internationell Högnobruk
CT Lupetta BOB Cacib
CT Big Bang Excellent 2
CT Firecrack Excellent 1
CT Crack Of Dawn Very Good

Best Breeder
Capa Tosta Prize of Honor

19/8 International Dogshow Norrköping
CT Lupetta BOS Cacib

18/8 Baltic Winner Estonia
CT Cuma Best female 2, reserv cacib

18/8 Internationall dogshow Eskilstuna
CT Lupetta BOS Cacib
CT Big Bang Excellent, CQ, reserv cac.

11/8 Finnish Speciality show
BISS pup Jekkupatterin Don Juan (Capa Tosta Cuma x Sbigstaff Great Guy)

29/4 Rally Obdience Masterclass, Grisslehamn
CT Lupetta is first terrier to be titeled Master in Rallyobdience in swedish history!

28/4 Västerås Nationall (34 entries)
CT Big Bang CK Classvinner
CT Firecracker CK classvinner
CT Orange Blossom CK Openklass 2

10/3 Health results
Hot Red Chilli Peppers from Pandoras Box HD B ED 0
Capa Tosta Big Bang HD B ED 2

3/3 Terrier Sollentuna Nationell
BOB CT Lupetta
BOB Junior Red Hot Chilli Peppers from Pandoras Box CAC.
BOB Youthdog CT Firecracker R-cac
BOS Youthdog CT Big Bang CK

BEST BREEDER Capa Tosta Prize of honor

7-8/1 -12 My Dog Internationall (84 entries)
7/8 Capa Tosta Lupetta BOB Cacib
Capa Tosta Crack of Dawn Vg
Avanced class RallyObdience:
Capa Tosta Lupetta 95p of 100p.
8/8 Capa Tosta Lupetta best female, reserv-cacib
Capa tosta Crack of Dawn Vg

10/11 Internationall dog show Nordic Winner -11 (85 entries)
Look Result news

19/11 Jyväskelä Finland International
Estonian winner -11 Capa Tosta Cuma today finnish, swedish and estonian Champion!!!

8/11 Gametracking
Capa Tosta Firecracker permitted game tracking dog
Capa Tosta Flashball 1:st prize in openclass.

30/10 Rally obdience
Third Rally-obdience titel for RGD N RGDN F LP 1 BISS SE UCH FINUCH Capa Tosta Lupetta!!!

Capa Tosta Flashball kvalificated result in beginner class

22/9 HD and ED result litter 3
CT Crack of Dawn HD A/A ED 0/0
CT Thundercloud HD A/A ED 1/1
CT Smash It UP HD A/B ED
CT Flashball HD B/B ED 1/0
CT Rumble In The Jungle HD B/C ED 0/0

22/9 Finland Internationall

29-30/7 Ransäter Internationall 3 day show
Day 1 Capa Tost lupetta BOS
Day 2 Capa Tosta Lupetta BOS Cacib
Day 3 Capa Tosta Lupetta BOS Cacib

23/7 Swedish amstaffspeciality
BIS female Capa Tosta Lupetta BIS breeder Capa Tosta Kennel
BIS prodgedy Zicans a heart of gold (Capa Tosta)

10/7 Obdience
One more obdience titel for RGD N LP 1 Capa Tosta Lupetta.

9/7 Game Tracking
Se Vch Capa Tosta Crack of Dawn trackingchampion only 10 months old!!!

21/6 Obdience
Capa Tosta Lupetta now obdiencetitled !

17/6 Game Tracking Capa Tosta flashball and Capa Tosta Crack of Dawn 1:st prize in tracking openclass. Only 9 months old!!

12/6 Terrier National Capa Tosta Lupetta BIS 3 Terrier speciality! Judge: Hana Brezinova.

7/6 Estonian Winner Capa Tosta Cuma Estonian Winner CAC and Cacib.

3/6 Game Tracking Capa Tosta Flashball permitted tracking dog

8/6 Capa Tosta Cuma CAC in Estonia Terrierspeciality

28-29/5 Capa Tosta Cuma openclass winner at the finnish speciality. Capa Tosta Lupetta BOB Internationell Vallentuna CAC and CACIB.

18/5 Healt Capa Tosta Guappo Justo HD B/C ED 0/0

22/5 -11 Capa Tosta Crack of Dawn 1:st prize tracking only 9 months old!

20/5 -11 Capa Tosta Lupetta 1:st prize obdience

23/2 -11 Zican's A Heart of Gold International champion in Estonia!

28/12 Capa Tosta Lupetta is the showamstaff no.1 of the year!
Capa Tosta Simply Winning In Red is the workingamstaff No 2 of the year! 5 of 10 on the workinlist is from Capa Tosta Kennel


13/5 BIS -5 prodgedy group. Internationall dogshow 7000 entries.

2 more champions from same litter! See her

24/7 -10
Swedish Speciality Show News

Great showresult for littersisters this weekend! News

Update news

6/3 -10
Result from Nat Terrier Show.

1/1 -10
We have puppy plans!

12/12 -09
Results from Int show "HUND 2009" Stockholm and finnish & Nordic Winner Show

Capa Tosta Lupetta - Lilo got a blog, se our links.

Show results för Capa Tosta Cuma

NAT Terrier Club, Strängnäs - Capa Tosta Lucky Brown Lion "Leon", BOS with his first CAC :-)) More results under news.

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