About us

Hi and welcome to our homepage. We are a small family kennel and for the moment we ownened or own breedingrights of 5 dogs. We only have 1 male at home, the others have lovely co-owners. Time to time, we have some puppies and/or youth dogs available. All are FCI registered, microchiped, dewormed, vaccinated and socialized prior to leave our home.

We live outside Stockholm, Sweden and we also have two children Julian, 15 years och Samuel, 19 years old. Before I descovered the American staffordshire terrier I was owner of a German shepard. I bought my first AST 10 years ago and he's name was "Pluto" LP1 Zican's Johnny Jackpot (LP 1 it's a trial-titel). Pluto was unfortanly put to sleep because of the terrible desease Ataxia Cerebellum.

In 13 years with the breed we have breed only 3 litters, many of them show champions and workingchampions. We also win Best In Show breeders and Prodgedy class both 2010 and 2011 at the Speciality show and at International and nationall all breed shows. We are also breeder of the Eurowinner -11, BISS vinner and Top Ten Amstaff and many times best breed swedish amstaff of the speciality show Capa Tosta Lupetta.

I have recently completed a breeder's education held by SKK, the Swedish Kennel Club and I'm also in the health commite of the Swedish amstaff club of Sweden and Vice president of the club. For me it goes without saying that dogs I use for breeding must have been official x-rayed for hip-  and elbow dysplasia, swedish dogs also have gone through a mentality evaluation at the workingdog club (Swedish "MH"). Now when the ataxi test is avabile since 2008 mother and father of the pups will be Ataxia tested. I think it good tools for me as breeder and a complement the helps me put right dogs together.

I'm very interested in training my dogs and thanks to convenient working hours and my job being quite near to where we live I manage to find the time for it. I compete with my dogs as much as I can in the disciplines I train them for. So far we have competed with excellent results in in obedience, tracking, including wounded animal tracking, and search and resceu, rally obdience and agility (only puppybyers). I have breed and trained several game tracking champions, one champion titled at age of only 10 months!

We also attend quite a lot of exhibition dog shows. Us dog lovers often seem to end up in one of the two "divisions" - exhibitions/dog shows or obedience/working. I would like to show everyone that you can absolutely do both! It is my experience that both "sides" can learn from each other. Furthermore I think that the American Staffordshire Terrier is an all purpose breed that has a lot of capacity and that can be used for a number of things. It also brings a lot of positive attention to our breed.


Best In Show Prodgedy class 2010 International (7000 entries)

Best In Show Breeders and Prodgedy class 2010 & 2011 Swedish Speciality


GAMETRACKING 2013 Capa Tosta Lupetta - Open class 1st prize with prize of honor, Capa Tosta Silver Dollar -Game Tracking Champion and Capa Tosta Big Bang -Passed Game Tracking Dog. To competition dog first need to passed the game tracking test to see if the dog is suitible for the game.