SE UCH Zicans Earl Tipit Thunder

CH Tibor Tipit Z Hanky

CH Tippitts Tee Cee

INT CH. Barberycoast O Class Bandito

CH Sindelars Diamond Amy

Yrra Tipit Z Hanky

INT CH Camelots Gallant Buck

Ch. Tipsy

SE CH Pamela Tipit Z Hanky

Multi Ch. World Winner Ralph Du Donjon Magnolia

CH Tippitts Young Fireball Jerry Lee

LU CH Magnolias First Lady

CH Tipsy

W.W.91 INT.CH.LUX.CH Sindelars Fred


CH Tippitts Beau Jangle


Intuch. Swe. Ch. Mirage Tipit Z Hanky

Multi Ch Wods EZ Diamondback Dragon

AM/MEX/INT CH BISS Woods EZ Forest Penndragon

CH Bruno JTW Hauckalucke


Ch. Scotts Angel Kisses

Woods Diamondback Dotty

Woods Bull of the Woods

Ashrae Hunka Redbolt

Multi Ch. Scharon Tipit Z Hanky

NL CH Tippitts Irish Mike


Tippitts Excalibur

CH Tippitts Dixie Blue

Ch. Tipsy

Int. Lux. Ch. WW-91 Sindelars Fred

Tippitts Beau Jangle